Class 1500 High Pressure Flange

Butt welding flange at the time of production and production of adoption of a certain technical parameters, technical requirements, process and principle of production, strict control in welding butt welding flange with the requirements of technical parameters, ensure that can be used in production, give full play to the role of the butt welding flange.
A generally, butt welding flange forging or forged skills.When USES the steel plate steel manufacturing, must conform to the requirements for the following points:
1. Should be along the direction of steel rolling cut into strips, the bending butt welding ring formation, and to form the surface of the steel ring cylinder.Shall not adopt steel butt welding neck flange machining directly into a belt
2. Butt welding flanges shall be via ultrasonic testing, without delamination defects;
3. The ring should be full penetration weld the butt weld;
Should be 4. The ring of the butt weld heat treatment after welding, and 100% ray and ultrasonic flaw detection, and radiographic conform to the requirements of the class II JB4730-2005, ultrasonic testing conform to JB4730-2005 class I requirements.
Second, the butt welding flange routine inspection.
1, the flange of the acceptance of the rules and NDT inspection shall be determined between the user and the manufacturer.
2, the machined surface can not have burrs, harmful scratches and other lower flange intensity and connection reliability of defects.
3, flange material and flange machining quality should comply with the provisions of the flange standard.
4, forging flange surface should be smooth, can not have forging scars, defects such as cracks.
5, RTJ flange sealing surface should be checked all item by item, tank caused by the two sides can not have mechanical mechanic surface defects such as cracks, scratches or injured.
6, stainless steel flange processing has been completed, and to prevent scratches and impact, carbon steel should be in the tu rust-proof oil seal face.

Carbon Steel class 1500 hign pressure flange
Carbon Steel class 1500 hign pressure flange

High Pressure Class 1500 Flange
High Pressure Class 1500 Flange

Class 1500 High Pressure Flange
Class 1500 High Pressure Flange

Class 1500 high pressure flange
Class 1500 high pressure flange

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